Community Transition Center is a halfway house specifically designed to provide housing, counseling, and other related services for convicted felons upon their release from various institutions. CTC opened its doors in October 1997 in Lancaster, Ohio and serves the Southeastern region.

Community Transition Center believes in an individual approach to each case and uses that philosophy as a basis to assist clients with their needs. Many clients come to Community Transition Center with a myriad of issues that need attention. A comprehensive assessment of those needs is completed during the intake process. Clients complete in-house programming as well as receiving referrals to outside agencies when their needs are not within the scope of programming available at Community Transition Center.

The vast majorities of clients have been involved in traditional substance abuse programming and are well aware of what working a program of recovery means. Most clients have participated in institutional programming or in-patient rehabilitation programs in the community. Although most clients come to this program directly from an institution, some have been released to the community but have relapsed to their previous drug of choice and placed at Community Transition Center in lieu of jail time.

Community Transition Center also has programming available for behavior-based crimes not relevant to drug or alcohol use. Clients will participate in a number of groups focusing on their previous behavior and how to change their thinking patterns for more positive results. The ultimate goal of CTC is to reduce recidivism.

Community Transition Center strives to make the services offered help agencies to better serve offenders and the community. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact one of our friendly and courteous staff members.


Community Transition Center
151 E. Hubert Avenue
Lancaster, OH 43130

P: 740-689-1200
F: 740-689-0191
Email: ctc@ctclancaster.com

Report any allegations of
sexual misconduct or abuse
CTC / PREA at any time at
740-689-1200 or
Email: sexualabuse@ctclancaster.com

Jill Peck (email)

Travis Mathes (email)

Mindy Morrison (email)
Assistant Director

Josh Peck (email)
Operations Manager

To Report Sexual harassment,
Sexual abuse or Retaliation Phone:
614-728-3399 (DRC Reporting)
or report to:
Family Health Services of East Central Ohio 740-653-6338

Dial 211 - Fairfield County
740-687-8255 - Crisis Center
800-825-0541 - Crisis Hotline
740-687-4423 - Lighthouse

Keith Crabtree, PREA Investigator
Mindy Morrison, PREA Coordinator
Contact in writing or
Phone: 740-689-1200

A speech and hearing center will be contacted for hearing impaired or deaf clients for initial communication assistance. Clients will then be referred to a Deaf Services Center for continuing services.

Translate.google.com will be utilized for clients when language barriers exist.